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5th Ed SRD site
WARNING: This site has tons of 3rd party/Non-WotC material. This material is NOT legal for DDAL so please be careful what you choose from here.

DDAL Downloads
Here is where you find "everything": the Player's Guide, the free Basic PHB and Basic DMG, Character sheets, etc.

DDAL Log Sheet Tutorial
The logsheets can be a little confusing, this page gives an excellent walkthrough of how DDAL wants them to be filled out for consistency.

5th Ed 'Sage Advice' Compendium
This is a PDF of all the Sage Advice answers in one place.  It also contains links to the Basic rulebook PDFs and the errata for the core rule books.

A Great site for info

DDAL Frequently Asked Questions
The D&D Wiki page having official answers to the Frequently Asked Questions.



Main Page

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